Residential Architecture

Seaside Home

Located on a cliff high above Alki Beach and Puget Sound, this home is a maverick.

8,000 SQFT

Of space

6 mths

To Design

14 mths

To Deliver


A signature project, timeless for its cultural connection to the world, this home was designed for clients collecting artifacts from exotic old tribes and civilizations. The structure is contextual and European in its construction type and methods. Warm colors and textures envelope the collection of art. A concept of a modern home with well disguised size, this home does not appear to be large from the street. Stacked into 4 floors with an elevator, the home provides areas for entertaining up to 50 guests. It also offers privacy to home owners with a separated master bedroom suite and on the top floor there are rooms for hobbies. As designers, we were ultimately inspired by the beauty and simplicity of ancient artifacts from indigenous tribes. Clients imagined a house that welcomes many of their friends and makes them feel at home.
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Interior Design

The open floor plan works well when inviting many guests to events. With the inclusion of two dining rooms, an enclosed formal one used for holidays and intimate special occasions, and also a casual garden dining room for everyday eating, there’s no shortage of space. The kitchen became the ultimate cooking space with a close to perfect location of every cabinet and appliance. Fits like a glove, the owners would not change anything. Special cabinets were designed for the ease of finding specific teas and spices out of a selection of 200. A built-in refrigerator has panels matching the cabinets in order to blend in with the space. A large pantry, located between the kitchen and the garage, is a custom design which offers a multi-use space for individual storage or small items as well as bulk purchases. When the owners arrive with groceries, it is the easiest place to unload them.
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Solutions and lighting

The interiors are meticulously carved out spaces that are separate and yet connected in a sophisticated manner. Both private and open, the divisions are achieved with unusual artistic glass partitions and ceiling treatments. View channels were carefully selected for entertaining large amount of people. Vertical spine of the house is sculpted around a free shaped staircase axis. Located on a cliff, the views are 270 degrees. This had to be achieved with a careful consideration for the slope and winds. Layered lighting has three aspects: casual task lighting to have a general illumination, typically found in all ceilings. Then we designed a subtler party lighting, which is indirect and the source of light is invisible. The third layer of lighting are contemporary light fixtures, featuring lighting from world famous designers.
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This home does not want to look like an average American home with siding, it really wants to look European, built to last for centuries. Therefore, what you see is concrete, stone and stucco with a metal roofing reminding you of mansard roofs of France.

Venetian plaster


Walnut wood


Coated steel

Different elements

Project delivery

The owners have bought an old small house with the intention to have it demolished and in its place to build their dream home. The clients approached us to design a complete interior and exterior. They wanted a spacious house that would not appear to be large, as well as to capture the stunning 270-degree view in all spaces. The concept was created and the clients fell in love with the first sketch, taking up to 6 months to design. Everything about this project evolved smoothly without resistance, taking a total of 14 months to deliver.
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