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Pop Art Home

Interior design of cozy one bedroom apartment with Scandinavian elements and a collection of pop art.

667 SQFT

Of space

2 mths

To Design

2 mths

To Deliver


We designed the cozy one bedroom apartment in Kramare in the spirit of simple lines with elements of Nordic design. The apartment owner favors the colorful art movement known as pop art. Their rich collection of posters, illustrations and photographs from famous photographers were asked to be kept in sight. Color and material composition of the furniture and other elements are therefore rather simple, having to adapt to the bright colors of pop art. You will not find any prominent design fads, since all the attention is focused on the owner’s collection. We’ve also thought ahead, creating enough space for new pieces, which can still be added to the collection.
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Day Area

The day area is comprised of a kitchen connected to the living room. The kitchen area is dominated by the L-shaped countertop, with built-in appliances and glass screen. The rest of the room is beautifully separated by a custom-made dining table, supplemented by four designer chairs and NUD hanging lightbulbs. The area is relatively small, so the kitchen we’ve created a full kitchen with dining room. The rest of the space is dedicated to the living room, where the accommodation is rather simple. Open shelves attract the view, which serve as a gallery for the owner’s collection of books and photography.
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Night Area

The bedroom space is adequate, but not very practical with its rectangular floor plan. This apparent disadvantage we’ve used to their advantage. From the unused space at the entrance to the bathroom, we created a closet. The closet space is generous, with lots of storage space that could easily make any wife’s dream come true. Comfort for relaxation is also found in the bathroom, which in this apartment is available only through the bedroom. We’ve managed to include all necessary amenities that a modern woman would need, but still retain its simple design and character. From the amount of storage space, and large mirrors, to the built-in washing machine with combined bath and shower.
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Furniture in the interior, besides the seating, were all designed and custom tailored. The design of the furniture takes on the colors and materials of the entire interior. A combination of matte and glossy white color creates harmony within the entire apartment and a sense of material consistency.


The interior is dominated by pure white paint on the walls and furniture. In the case of the kitchen cabinets, a high gloss is used, while the other furniture pieces sport a matte finish. The color scheme is complemented with subtle accents found in curtains or a significant dining table.

Lacquered beech


Light beige


Bleached oak


Project Delivery

In this case, the owner contacted us before purchasing the flat and was happy to let us in on the purchasing process. We put together a team to evaluate three potential apartments. Of all the offers, the one that best meet the demands was a bare bone apartment on Kramare. Even before the owner made the purchase, we created a framework proposal that helped her make the final decision. The apartment required minor structural modifications and electric wiring, however it wonderfully fulfilled all other criteria. We developed the complete interior design, including the budget, realistic visualization, drawings for craft workers and designed custom furniture. Design and preparation of the project took us two weeks. The entire interior was successfully executed and ready for occupancy in two months.
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