Commercial Interior

Old Mill Bakery

Design identity for a brand of bakery stores and cafes, which in addition to excellent coffee and pastries, are equipped with beautiful design.

4,900 SQFT

Of space

6 Stores


4 mths

To design

Design Identity

Our task was to develop a flexible design identity to help raise brand awareness and boost sales. We created a likable identity that simultaneously inspires a feeling of trust. We focused on distinctive design. The interior of the stores were made in the spirit of traditional local architecture, with modern elements that people are familiar with. Our design goals were to create an authentic atmosphere reminiscent of old mills, revived with a combination of modern elements. From the start, we tried to design the entire identity to be universal. Essential elements and materials were to be repeated throughout the chain of stores, so the design had to be flexible to adapt to any given condition. One basic rule is the division of the store floor plan into three parts – the customer, sales and production.
Old Mill Bakery 29
Old Mill Bakery 24
Old Mill Bakery 20
Old Mill Bakery 15
Old Mill Bakery 19
Old Mill Bakery 30


The operation is divided into two parts. The shop is directly accessible from the shopping arcade, with a café in the pedestrian zone. Both areas are interrelated technical background. The investor had thanks to its long experience precise idea of functioning. The shop is as far as possible open and connected to the external space. Passers so people have the opportunity to feel the smell of fresh bread right in the passage. The open layout and cabinets filled with a variety of goodies entice customers to enter and enjoy fresh pastries.
Old Mill Bakery 25
Old Mill Bakery 27
Old Mill Bakery 26
Old Mill Bakery 21
Old Mill Bakery 21
Old Mill Bakery 23


The store layout would always adhere to the universal principle of divided space into a customer zone, sales area and production facility. Thanks to their long experience, the investor had a precise understanding of how the store should function. Each store is as open as maximally possible while connected to the outdoors. Passing customers have the opportunity to smell fresh bread on the street or passage. The open-plan for attracting customers to enter and enjoy fresh bread is the basic building block in the sales concept.
Old Mill Bakery 17
Old Mill Bakery 08
Old Mill Bakery 14
Old Mill Bakery 09
Old Mill Bakery 11
Old Mill Bakery 33
Old Mill Bakery 12
Old Mill Bakery 18


We stuck to the concept by employing four basic materials – wood, white plaster, anthracite gray and brown brick. Always maintaining the traditional color scheme of materials found in local mills with neutral shades for supplying the space with a modern twist. A significant base of motives are unique handmade cartoon murals. These depict historical monuments or symbols typical of the location and connect them with the traditional baker’s art. Paintings enlivened the entire area, giving it a relaxed character, which had a positive impact on customers.

Brushed wood


Gres tiles


Brown brick


Project delivery

The investor approached us with the request to develop a conceptual design for the first store in Bratislava. Subsequently, we were invited to company headquarters in Zagreb, where our project team were explained the basics of the concept and philosophy behind the company. Based on this information, we put together a conceptual design that consisted of a universal design identity proposal, realistic visualization and essential documentation. During implementation, we handled all necessary permits, supervised construction work and ensured that the interior would be ready for immediate use. Hence, the foreign investor received our service package, which included the complete design, realization and service guarantee. The design of one store took us about 5 weeks, and implementation in the range of 6 to 8 weeks.
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