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Nordic Residence

Interior design of a stylish apartment situated in close proximity of Bratislava with Scandinavian elements and an art collection.

872 SQFT

Of space

1 mth

To Design

3 mths

To Deliver


At first glance, this newly built apartment shows noticeable traditional elements of Scandinavian design. The décor is simple, airy and light, supplemented by wood tones on solid wood floors and furniture. The variety of materials and textures lends its artistic nature. This is also distinctive for the apartment owners, who share a very close relationship with art. A positive influence on our cooperation and communication, as artists and designer are very similar. Where we collectively aim to find perfection that may never be achieved, yet it still motivates them to improve themselves.
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Living room

The living room, unlike the modern kitchen, is more tuned to the retro style. It’s simple, we’’-lit and without unnecessary furniture. Although we find many elements which certainly captivate the attention and attract non-traditional solitary pieces. The sole representative of the modern era, which is found in the living room in its rightful place, a TV. In addition, there remained only space for the owner’s favorite paintings.
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A modern white kitchen without upper wall cabinets is not so common these days. Though regarding storage space, the owners aren’t missing out. It’s actually artfully integrated into the longitudinal walls of the kitchen where it fulfills several functions. Offering a comfortable cushioned seating for an afternoon rest, sufficient amount of storage space and conceals the many built-in appliances. The end segment of the kitchen walls also forms part of the storage space for the entrance area. The entrance also complements a fully-mirrored wall. The mirror we divided into several parts in order to allow access to the control cabinet which is hidden behind it.
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Storage Space

When designing the interior of the apartment, we will always try to gently incorporate the amount of storage space. Each interior, which takes place in the everyday family life, must be foremost functional. At first glance, you would not be able to guess how much storage is available to the owners. The entire kitchen-dining wall conceals build-in appliances and kitchen cabinets. Also included is a built-in wardrobe and a number of outlets. Moreover, it also serves as a place to sit at the dining table. The storage transitions smoothly into the hall and visually separates the living area from the entrance.
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Nordic Residence 02


The presence of the window makes the bathroom nicely lit, allowing us to conveniently define the design character. Moreover, a large mirror visually expands the space. Also incorporated in the space, acting untraditional yet unforced, is a raised podium with ornamental tiles.


White dominates the interior, found on the walls and custom-made furniture. It’s done with the combination of sprayed MDF gloss finish and lacquered walnut veneer. An interesting design features tiles with ornaments. The floor is made of solid brushed oak.

American Walnut


Oak wood



Floor Tiles


Furniture within the interior was designed and manufactured by us for the client’s needs. Furniture design takes on the colors and materials of the entire interior. A combination of sprayed and upholstered surfaces creates harmony in the whole apartment and a sense of material balance.


An attention to detail can be found across the entire apartment. The variety of materials within various design elements represents true quality. Whether it’s carved side tables, hand-blown glass lamps in the dining room, or even the milled handles on the kitchen cabinets.

Project delivery

The owners entrusted us with the complete design and realization of the interiors. Aside from minor changes to the layout, the apartment fulfilled all other criteria. After these modifications, we could concentrate on rebuilding the empty apartment into something untraditional. We developed the interior design, including a detailed budget, realistic visualization and virtual tour. The owners could see with detail what we have prepared for them even before we started implementation. We have also developed the feasibility drawing documentation meant for craftsmen as well as the custom designed furniture. Design and preparation of the project took us nearly one month. The entire interior was then implemented as turnkey by our company and ready to move in after another three months.
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