Residential Interior

Downtown Penthouse

Interior design of a modern penthouse in the centre of Bratislava featuring nordic design elements and inspired by industrial minimalism.

1,292 SQFT

Of space

2 mths

To Design

3 mths

To Deliver


This modern, minimalist apartment design in contrast to the original architecture uses its maximum potential and provides housing with an amazing view of the Old Town scenery. The large glass windows and atrium provide suitable breathing room. Materials and color are very simple, while the comprehensive scheme bestows functionality and aesthetics upon the apartment. It combines original architectural elements such as the former red brick with modern elements. The absence of any extreme fashion trends guarantee that the apartment will emerge modern and timeless, even years later.
Downtown Penthouse 02
Downtown Penthouse 03
Downtown Penthouse 04
Downtown Penthouse 05
Downtown Penthouse 06
Downtown Penthouse 07

Day Area

The living room connected with kitchen and dining room creates a truly wonderful space for family life. Anthracite cupboards fitted with appliances creates a corridor that separates the day area from the entrance to the apartment and the atrium entrance to the terrace. Large windows allow a beautifully panoramic view of the Old Town, with necessary exterior shutters. In addition to the beautiful interior, comfort for the owners is created by an integrated Bose sound system, Niko intelligent system and air conditioning.
Downtown Penthouse 08
Downtown Penthouse 09
Downtown Penthouse 10
Downtown Penthouse 11

Naight Area

Both the master bedroom and children’s room are deprived of their full square meters, due to the slope of their slanted ceiling. To this we adapted the furniture and wardrobes, which replicate the slope. The usefulness of these bedrooms and storage space is very well preserved.


We aimed to create contrast between the coarseness of concrete, natural wood, white and anthracite. The kitchen cabinets are made of solid oak and white spray-brushed, semi-matt doors. White sprayed furniture can also be found in other rooms.

Brushed Oak


Fire Brick


Anthracite MDF



The interior of this penthouse is very special. Most furniture is custom designed and manufactured. Appliances were perfectly sewed for the needs of the owners, allowing us to have better control over the look of the interior. We have taken into account in particular the amount of storage space.


The furniture is made of solid wood, with inherent parts of traditional manufacturing techniques. Individual parts expressed in brushed wood, which we can find in tiles and kitchen cabinets are joined as tongue and groove. The solid wood is then stained in multiple shades, further enhancing its natural quality.

Project Delivery

The owners have ordered a complete interior, including a draft of the budget, visualization, virtual tour of the future interior, drawings for individual professions and furniture assembly. Except for basic requirements in design, they left us creative freedom. The project started with a bare apartment, just before completion. We made a few minor adjustments, so to design the space according to their imagination. Upon completion, we worked with the developer who implemented the superstructure to finalize our suggested details in the form of exterior stairs, electric cabling and air conditioning. Interior design lasted for about two months, during which we cooperated and consulted design drawings. The interior was subsequently implemented in about three months.
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